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Farm2Cave Paleo Meal Plan & Grocery Guide is a weekly, planned meal guide to help you bring real food from the farm-to-table, Paleo style.

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Farm2Cave Grass Fed Beef is locally grown and naturally pastured black angus beef from our family farm.  We have weekly local drop-offs in the Rockwall, TX area.

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What is Farm2Cave?

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Farm2Cave Paleo Meal Plan & Grocery Guide is a weekly subscription service. The Paleo Meal Plan makes preparing healthy meals from whole & unprocessed foods enjoyable, while the Grocery Guide makes it easy to shop for the ingredients you need.  Farm2Cave follows a Paleo/Primal diet.  This means our recipes consist of protein from all natural, wild and grass fed meats and fish, carbohydrates from many non-starchy vegetables, fresh fruits, and no refined sugars.  Of course, our meals are also grain, gluten & dairy-free. We encourage you to purchase foods from local farmers markets or from local farms directly. However, we also know that supermarkets can provide many of the foods you need.

When you join the Farm2Cave Paleo Meal Plan & Grocery Guide, you will receive weekly emails with the following PDF attachments: 

  • Complete dinner menu for six meals, including hints for early week preparation
  • Detailed, original recipes with helpful photos
  • Supplemental recipes for condiments and seasonings like: salsa, ketchup, dressings, BBQ Sauce, chili powder, etc.
  • BONUS recipes for after school snacks, Saturday family breakfasts and lunches-on-the-go
  • Organized and categorized Grocery Guide for easy and efficient weekly shopping
  • A pantry list to ensure you have the essential staples on hand in your pantry and refrigerator 

We are making some changes to our subscription.  Soon we will begin resending out our weekly plan for 


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